Edloe St. Cafe

By Jed and Erika

Cute and Casual AmbianceCute and Casual

Tasty MigasTasty Migas

Enjoying the paper on a casual SundayEnjoying the paper on a casual Sunday

Fresh omelet & fruitFresh Omelet & Fruit

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Edloe St. Cafe
6119 Edloe Street
West University Place, TX 77005
P 713.666.4302

Price Includes Tip
$8 per person

Edloe St. Cafe


3 1/2 glasses

We had breakfast one Sunday morning at Edloe St. Café by pure accident. We were actually going to check out the site of where the new Tiny Boxwoods location is going to be, which should be opening within the next month or so. We drove past Edloe St. Café and couldn’t help but notice people sitting outside, eating, and enjoying the beautiful weather. We decided to pop in and give it a try. Having been around for 30 years, Edloe St. Café is a West U institution and with their renovation late last year in addition to a change in ownership, it was a place on my list to try.

The décor is simple and comfortable. You order at the front and take a number. After surveying the many options on the menu of both traditional choices and the Tex-Mex breakfast choices, which here in Houston should be considered “traditional” anyway, I ordered the Classic Migas Plate. After what seemed like an eternity, the food arrived. They were busy for a Sunday morning, but not that busy. It seemed like it took a good 25 minutes for our food to come out.

The Migas breakfast came out and it smelled wonderful, the aroma of warm tortillas, fresh eggs, and vegetables were wafting up towards me. Upon taking my first bite, I quickly forgot how long it took for the food to arrive. Typically I do not order migas when I’m eating out because everywhere I go they tend to taste bland. And let’s face it, I can make my own bland migas at home. The Edloe St. Café migas were full of flavor, even with no extra seasoning. Their salsa was fresh and their tortillas were delicious.

I switched back and forth from eating the migas with the tortilla to eating them alone. Adding the beans to the mix makes for one hearty and protein-rich breakfast. Now I have a dilemma… Next time we visit the Edloe St. Café, do I try something new, or play it safe with something that I know is going to be great and satisfying? Hmmm… decisions…

-by Jed

Edloe St. Cafe


4 glasses

We discovered Edloe St. Café one Sunday as we went hunting for the soon-to-be-open second location of Tiny Boxwoods, one of my very favorite breakfast and lunch places in Houston. I can’t believe I have never noticed Edloe St. Café before. It’s right in my neighborhood, hiding in plain sight. After stopping in on a whim, I’ll think I will notice it from now on.

I love breakfast food. Even better, I love restaurants that do breakfast well…especially on a lazy Sunday. I ordered the very exciting “Egg White Omelet,” with extra spinach. I assumed it was just a plain egg white omelet for some reason, since the menu didn’t mention anything unusual or spectacular. When we finally got our food (about 20 minutes later- it did take forever), it was filled with feta, spinach, and mushrooms. Simply delicious!

I loved the salty feta with all the hardy green spinach- it was super filling. I got a side of toast and fruit with it. The cup of fruit had tons of berries versus the standard ‘90% melon’ ratio, which is my pet peeve (along with the word “pet peeve” itself).

I liked the vibe-casual, cute, quaint-perfect for a relaxing Sunday. I think it would be nice to walk there next time. If you find yourself faced with a 30-minute line for Tiny Boxwoods when it opens, you should consider grabbing a quick bite at Edloe St. Café and go back to Tiny’s another time. Don’t expect anything too similar to the creative and mouth-watering Tiny dishes. Edloe St. Café dishes are simple, healthy, and fresh…and based on my first experience there, worth the visit.

-by Erika

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  • Scott Rubenstein

    Make sure you try Matt’s Market right down from Edloe Deli.

  • erika + jed

    We will definitely have to do that. Let us know if there is anything in particular that you love there…

  • Lindsey

    We love the pulled pork sandwich!